Hi there! I'm Chantelle I'm a "Maker" a Momtrepreneur.
I started La Fede in November 2014, after 12 years in Corporate, I too, as many other South Africans faced the reality of being "jobless" after the company I worked 
for, closed it's doors very suddenly. Job-hunting after so many years was daunting, and not at all successful for me. 
I sat on my bed one morning, and the Verse of Peter walking on the water came to me. Matthew 14:28. I was challenged in Faith to start this business,
something that had been a distant desire for years.
From the last of my capital, I purchased a few meters of fabric and a small straight stitch sewing machine. Got a crash course on how to sew from my mom, and La Fede was in business. Being a Creative Entrepreneur has taught me so much about how to make the best of the circumstances you find yourself in, how to grow out of critique, how to apply a positive spin on your negative's, how to collaborate within your field and grow organically.

La Fede (Faith in Italian) was started on a leap of Faith and built on Trust.I'm wife to my best friend Philip and we have 2 gorgeous kiddies- Addison and Max.

La Fede's core design focuses on a minimalistic approach, a slow craft methodology and on the quirk and whimsy in the imagination of youngsters. I create animal character friends, that are loved and adored by old and young. Small elements of design define the characters, give them personality, and individual viewpoint. 
Thank you for visiting our site, we hope to fill your home and hearts with quirk, whimsy, faith and love.